Friday, December 09, 2011

Sneaky Sharia

Did you know that Butterball has a company practice of "covertly slaughtering all turkeys in accordance with Islamic halal standards."

I didn't know about this insanity until I read this article from American Thinker:

Creeping Halal

I'm ticked off that we had a huge Butterball turkey for Thanksgiving this year.



cube said...

Pork, the other white meat. They won't halal that.

Always On Watch said...

No more Butterball turkeys will be cooked in this house.

I'm with you, Cube: they can't halal pork, so I'm going to forget about my cholesterol and eat pork.

Trekkie4Ever said...

Yes, I was aware and was utterly horrified!

Creeping Sharia, yes, indeed. Buyer's be warned.

FYI... Costco, Subway and even Outback Steakhouse serve halal meat.

This is very disturbing.

Jay Noel said...

That's crazy.

Can't believe they'd try to do that under all of our noses.

Brooke said...

Echo that. Pork for this house, from now on! NO DHIMMITUDE!

As for the under our noses? Are they advertising this to Islamist communities and not saying much to the rest of us?

Jan said...

I live in the Turkey Capital of the World and know people who work in the Foster Farms processing plants. I had read details about the Sharia butchering process done by Butterball. I hope this won't keep people from buying turkeys produced by other processors.

sue hanes said...

Cube - We always bought Butterball

but I'm a vegetarian now so I really don't care.


Anji said...

How are the other turkeys slaughtered? Just asking because I've heard stories of them not being stunned properly at the beginning of slaughter.

Why not join us? ExposeYourBlog!

Z said...

And who's letting ButterBall know how we feel about this?
ANybody? Naa...even we're too PC.

Gad, this is really something, isn't it? And it took 9/11 and the killing by Muslim terrorists of 3000 innocent Americans to get Muslims this kind of astonishing respect, didn't it.
They don't drive cabs with dogs or booze in them anymore.
Their butchers won't cut pork.....
their kids suddenly can't study at universities without foot washing apparatus..

How come it's only since 9/11? Isn't that odd to you?

sue hanes said...

Cube - Reading the comments over - mine sounded a little - blase(sp).

But that's not true.

I never would want even turkeys to
have people be mean to them.

(I'm just still so caught up in getting my house in order with the big move - and now the holidays.)
:) :(

I didn't mind to sound as if I were blowing this off.

I'm sorry.

silly rabbit said...

I wonder why they don't simply have a halal line of birds and normal turkeys for the rest of us? Kind of like Kosher foods.

Well, I guess I'm glad that I settled for a Foster Farm bird this year, but have had many Butterballs in the past.

dmarks said...

Not sure I get this. I don't mind halal food just like I don't mind kosher food.

Ducky's here said...

The ritual prayer is NOT performed during the slaughter so the turkey is NOT halal.

AOW, would you also boycott kosher meat. Virtually identical process.

sue hanes said...

A Day When Cube Doesn't Post Is A Day Wasted.

: (

sue hanes said...
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dmarks said...

Ducky: Halal and kosher are similar, but nowhere near identical.

sue hanes said...

Cube -

MYL (miss you lots)

sue hanes said...
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