Monday, March 12, 2012

Cat Blog Monday

Why a Cat Blog Monday?

Because it's always a good day to blog about cats.

This is a photo of our newest family member, ShoShin. We originally went to the Humane Society to adopt a kitten, but every single family member was drawn to this 2 year-old Maine coon with the sweet disposition. Fate interceded and this wonderful kitty came home with us.

She answered to her name so we thought it would be best if we let her keep it.

ShoShin... a concept in Zen Buddhism meaning "beginner's mind".

Oh, well. I would've tried to give her a Star Trek name so maybe she's better off ;-)

Happy Monday, everybody!


sue hanes said...

Cube - How nice of you to adopt a cat that is older - instead of giving in to a sweet adorable kitten.

And this is such a Pretty cat.

ShoShin - I love that name.

And I may share with you later on about how in our family - we may be adopting a 12 year old boy from a different country - but right now I can't talk about it.

Thanks - Cube.

I hope - in the future - that you will be keeping us Posted about ShoShin - right here on yer Really Cool Blog.

And it must have been hard not to name yer new Cat sometime Star Trekkie.

cube said...

Sue, ShoShin adopted US. We were putty in her paws...every one of us. She is not only beautiful on the outside, but she has a wonderful personality. She is very loving and as playful as a kitten.
She blended into our family from the first day.

Hope your adoption goes the way you desire. I do hope you'll keep me posted. I will keep you posted about ShoShin the Magnificent.

I have succeeded in giving several of our pets Trek names. I know I can't win them all :-)

sue hanes said...

Cube - How many pets do ya have - anyway?

That happened to us when my daughter & I went to the pet shelter and got our dog - Lady.
The woman said, 'Do ya want to hold her?'

And that was it. She lived to be 16 - and such a great dog.

A mutt - the best kind - Really.

cube said...

We have two dogs, a female German Shepherd named Elke and a female Doberman named Maxine.

We have three cats, a black male domestic shorthair named Felix (f course), a tortoise-shell female named Kinky, and now ShoShin, a female Maine coon.

I know what you mean about the shelter. Those animals worm their way into your heart and it's hard to fend off their influence.

You were lucky to have Lady for 16 years. I've had cats live that long, but never a dog.

silly rabbit said...

I think that ShoShin is beautiful! She does look very sweet. Maine coons can get very big too, but I can't tell her size by the photo.

We didn't want a puppy, so we knew we were looking for a more mature dog when we got Roxy. But like you... one look and we were adopted by her. They asked us if we wanted to have her for a trial weekend. Randy laughed and said "No, that's our dog."

I'm so happy for your family and for ShoShin. I see many wonderful years ahead for you all.

Z said...

I had two cats who were part Maine Coon and I just loved them...ShoShin is much like my Marcello.
I toy with getting two more cats, my Musetta died about 5 years ago...she was 20. But I think a cat's going to have to find ME this time. I keep thinking about having to worry every time someone opens the door and I consider the litter, etc....ugh. But, then I consider a sweet little kitty who wants nothing more than to be on my lap and I do sometimes weaken. BUt not enough...yet.

You know me and Star Trek, I wouldn't know a ST name if it bit me in the ......! Except Captain something or other :-)

Always On Watch said...

ShoShin is beautiful -- a stunner, in fact.

Congrats, Cube! And congrats to ShoShin, too. She has a wonderful home with you, I know.

cube said...

Silly Rabbit: ShoShin is a big cat for a female, completely dwarfing our Tortie, but I think some of it comes from her audacious amount of fur. She has a gorgeous coat; the picture doesn't do her justice.

I must have a giant "Sucker" sign on my front lawn because I can be a basketcase when it comes to taking in strays. Oh, when will I learn?

cube said...

Z: Main coons are wonderful cats. We had a male named Tribby (Star Trek name alert) who was a joy to have around the house.

I think you should get another cat, especially a Maine coon. Just take a trip to your local shelter and it will be decided for you.

cube said...

Always On Watch: She is a beauty, but she's also beautiful on the inside. We are happy to have her in our house... er, excuse me, HER house ;-)

Brooke said...

What an absolute beauty, Cube!

I like the name. I would pretend it's Klingon and say it in a growly voice. ;)

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