Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Creep Bus Line

Obama Honors Rosa Parks Anniversary With A Picture Of... Himself

In case you're wondering, Rosa Parks is under the bus.


Jan said...

The very essence of megalomania.

dmarks said...

I think they're all bozo's on that bus.

cube said...

Some might even call it malignant narcissism. Isn't he looking at his reflection in the window?

cube said...

dmarks: You are correct, sir!

silly rabbit said...

I laughed out loud at all of this... the photo and the comments. Still, how very sad.
Hey dmakrs... don't crush that dwarf, hand me the pliers!

dmarks said...

Are you waiting for the electrician, or someone like him, Silly Rabbit?

Always On Watch said...

Obama is an egomaniac and a demagogue.

Yesterday, I told my Current Events Class about this particular Tweet from Obama. My students, who don't like Obama in the first place, were stunned. I wish that I'd had a camera to take the looks on their faces.

DaBlade said...

Haha! Nice one cube. He's going to need a MUCH bigger bus just to fit his new fleet of IRS agents.

Granny Annie said...

Well I actually find that quite touching. It would be an honor to sit on that historic landmark.

Brooke said...

Obama is a hero in his own mind! How egotistical!

Words fail!

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