Thursday, June 06, 2013

Glub glub

Our cat, the very food-driven Felix, woke us at 1:30 AM when he knocked over the kitchen trash can. A little later, my husband told me that a big storm was coming. Turns out we were under a tornado watch until 4:15 AM and a tornado warning until 11 AM.

Holy moly!

My husband eventually went back to bed, but I, thinking about all the devastation in Texas and Oklahoma, stayed up all night.

Now it's just raining and raining. Thank goodness the tornado watches/warnings are over.


Jan said...

And other parts of the country would love to have just a little of that rain. As long as I lived in the east, I never got used to the tornado watch/warnings.

cube said...

I hear you about the rain. We're getting more than our share, but we're used to it. Well, yesterday we were under a tornado watch and a tornado warning! That was a shock!