Monday, September 09, 2013

Daytona Sharks

Three More Shark Attacks At Daytona Beach,Florida

This is the beach where I went on my honeymoon...

Yikes! Luckily all I lost was my gold watch.


Jay Noel said...

Interesting how the media makes it sound like there's a shark attack every five minutes. But attacks are down this year.

Still...I'd stay away from that inlet where the shark are looking for tasty treats.

Granny Annie said...

I find myself looking in that shark's mouth for an arm or a leg.

Tell us about the gold watch.

cube said...

Jay Noel: The media does play up shark attacks, especially during shark week.

Still, if you're the one that's attacked, it doesn't really matter about what the media says.

I was fishing at Ft. Desoto beach, on the western side of Florida, when I noticed 24 little sharks around me. I was thinking their mom was nearby and rushed back to shore. I found out later that shark moms don't hang with their babies.

My friend caught a shark at that very beach and we cooked it on a Hibachi.

I caught a small shark and my daughter wanted to hold it and it wriggled in her hands and it bit me. That little sucker drew blood so I can say I'm a shark bite survivor.

Sharks are out there. Just be glad you're not the unlucky person who gets bit.

cube said...

Granny Annie: You'd be surprised what you find in a shark's belly.

About the gold watch... we went out of the hotel to go swimming and I forgot to take off my watch. It stopped running at 3:15 PM.