Saturday, June 13, 2015

Only 15???

Hillary Clinton's Fifteen Biggest Sandals

What the heck?

I think the Washington Examiner is missing a lot of data in this story.


silly rabbit said...

Well that ship has sailed far beyond the point of no return.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

How many have we not heard about.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how they eliminated so many,

messymimi said...

Well, note that they did say "biggest." That means they couldn't be all inclusive, they probably didn't have enough room and had to limit it to the absolute worst.

Z said...

we're starting to see what happens when a media's in the same ship as only one political party; or we'd be hearing this stuff BIG TIME.
I guess they figure Americans have finally been convinced only Republicans do awful things.

WomanHonorThyself said...

sandals or scandals lmbooo have a great Fathers day Cube!!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Cube, you won a Paul Revere Award, but Curmudgeon at Political Clown Parade doesn't have your email so she can send it to you.

cube said...

Silly Rabbit: I hope the low-fo voters agree.

cube said...

Woodsterman (Odie): I do believe there are many Clinton skeletons yet to be uncovered.

BTW I tried to post at Curmudgeon's site, but couldn't find a way to post with blogger. I may be missing something. In any event, if Curmudgeon is reading this, my reply was as follows:

I'm honored to join such a distinguished group. Thank you for noticing my small contribution to blogging.

Woodsterman just informed me that you didn't have my email so here goes:

Feel free to send me my personalized badge and anything else ;)

cube said...

thepoodleanddogblog: Purposeful ommission?

cube said...

Messymimi: There you go. There's not enough paper or bandwidth to cover them all.

cube said...

Z: The media has made it abundantly clear that it has a liberal agenda and that it will minimize democrat indiscretions while vastly promoting those of conservatives. They're not even bothering to hide it anymore because they don't have to. Soon, if not already, there will be plenty of low information voters to agree with said liberal agenda. Pravda here we come.

cube said...

WomanHonorThyself: I hear ya. Sandals and scandals come and go... and we're still here :)

Happy Father's Day to you as well.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

OK, I forwarded your email to her. You couldn't post a comment there because she uses Disqus to post her comments. So many are going to that now it might be a good idea to join them at

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