Monday, July 11, 2016

Fake Food?

I haven't fact-checked this article because I don't have a staff, but it was an interesting read:

Everything We Love To Eat Is A Scam

Me, I hate to pay more for less.

[The BLOG note: the cubic food pic is courtesy of Artists Cut Raw Food Into 98 Perfect Cubes To Make Perfectionists Hungry
It makes my heart beat faster;)]

Update: Someone actually labeled each cube.


Jan said...

If it doesn't taste good I don't eat it. And if it tastes good, I don't want to examine it too closely, like hot dogs or sushi.

I love our farmers market, we get to look into the eyes of our food producers.

messymimi said...

My bananas are really bananas, my spinach and walnuts are real, too. Guess there's something to be said for mostly eating fruits and veggies.

Sandee said...

Yikes, I had no idea. I shouldn't be surprised though.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Kid said...

We don't have this problem in Cincinnati. All the food here is crappy. We can easily make better dinners for ourselves here and usually do. You're at $120 for a steak dinner for two here to get anything edible. No thanks. And I have never had what I believed to be lobster tail at Red Lobster the couple times I've been there.

I can easily believe New York is ripping off their customers. I have read though that Kobe beef is simply Waygu beef from Kobe Japan. Maybe that's misleading, but there is nothing wrong with Waygu beef, much of it from Australia/New Zealand.

I don't trust American food at all just from the simple concept of how hard the government puts its jack boot on American farms and ranches throats. No doubt they are thinking out of the box to try to stay in business.

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Granny Annie said...

And "free range chicken eggs" usually means the chickens are still crammed in a cage but the cage is seated over grass and they call that free range. Yikes! My girls really roam free on my ten acres and yield huge eggs with bright orange yolks. Yum!

cube said...

Jan: I agree. Life is too short to eat something you don't like. I happen to love broccoli, but will never, ever eat lima beans or beets again.

cube said...

Messymimi: I'm not a big meat eater, but I do love fish and hotdogs.

cube said...

Sandee: I don't trust much these days. There's no telling what some people will do to further their agendas.

cube said...

Kid: Thanks for letting me know how expensive the cuisine is in Ohio.

Back, back in the day, I worked at a Red Lobster and the biggest joke was "the catch of the day"
because everything was frozen, even the baked potatoes.

cube said...

Granny Annie: I'll be over for breakfast tomorrow ;)

cube said...

I must say that this picture is one of the most fantastic photos I've ever seen. Seriously.