Friday, September 09, 2016

NO Mercy

Pelosi "begs him [Paul Ryan] not to “let” his party use anything damaging to the Democrats that turns up in emails hacked from Democratic email servers. And no talk about Hillary’s health either."

The Clinton Campaign’s Plea For Republican Mercy

Are they kidding?

I can only hope the GOP extends the same mercy the democrats have extended to us.


Sandee said...

No they are not kidding. They are scared.

Have a fabulous day. 🎶

Jan said...

Don't I remember they went back to Romney's high school days to make up something to smear him with. And Romney wouldn't play the smear back game. The gloves are off now.

cube said...

Sandee: Let's hope so. We've got a long way to go and then there's the electoral college.

cube said...

Jan: I also remember them going after McCain's health records like cackle of hungry hyenas. Thankfully, I don't see Trump pulling any punches.

LL said...

It's important to put FACTS in front of the American people. The mainstream media will NOT do that. Hillary has health issues. None of us know how severe they are but the fact that she said, "I can't recall" FORTY TIMES in the recent FBI interview means that she's lying or she has a severe memory loss issue.

cube said...

LL: I agree with you, but the lo-fo voters aren't going to care about the "FACTS", first, because it won't be presented to them at all, thanks to an angry, protective media, and, secondly, even if there were a video of Hillary slashing someone's throat and stabbing another to death, the lo-fo voters would have tons of support to overlook the incident as an honest slip on a banana peel.

Kid said...

HOLY !..............................

I think it is obvious they are scared. Now, what will a trapped animal do?
I do find it odd that Trump can do 10 times more damage to himself than the democrat propaganda machine can do, and with the election a little more than 2 months away. Is Trump That squeaky clean? He might be. To anyone that doesn't know me and where my comment might be mistaken - I wouldn't vote for clinton if you tied me down and dumped fire antes on my naked body.

clinton health issues? See my blog or go directly to Sigs 'It Don't Make Sense' blog for an in depth analysis on how screwed up the hildebeast's health is.

cube said...

Kid: Your video of Dr. Noel's findings is the most methodical , step-by-step analysis of Hillary's recent failures that I have seen. This video has to go viral. How do we make it so?

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