Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Ivanka Trump’s Perfume Soars To No.1 Bestseller On Amazon Despite Boycotts


May we please now stop hating on the Trumps for no good reason.

Is that too much to hope?


messymimi said...

Of course it is too much to ask. People who hate so much are unreasonable.

Sandee said...

Oh the left has a good reason for hating them. They are on the wrong side of the political aisle. That's the only reason.

She's doing very well with all the bad press she's getting. I loved all those gals that went to Nordstrom's and cancelled their accounts.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

cube said...

Messymimi: Yes, the haters are out there and they're extemely vocal.

Jan said...

The hateful measures always seem to backfire on the haters

cube said...

Sandee: It still makes me angry when righteous people are persecuted for no reason. It's just not right.

cube said...

Jan: I hope you're rignt because it's about time innocent people stop getting persecuted for crimes they didn't commit.

Kid said...

They're not giving up, the headlines get worse by the day. And I've even got a bunch of the worst media censored off my page.

cube said...

Kid: Well, I'm not giving up either, so that's that for them.

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