Saturday, April 01, 2017

Cat Blog Friday

For this Cat Blog Friday...

... a very well-groomed cat. Don't you wish your cat did that?

Happy Friday everybody!

Yes, it's Friday.

Geez, look at the calendar.

Did I make you look?

OK, be that way :P


Jan said...

My cat doesn't actually file, but she has mastered that expression.

Sandee said...

Getting ready for the battle. Excellent.

Have a purrfect day. ☺

Kid said...

Out cats do that, they just use different tools like scratching posts. Very cute though.

I can't think of a good April Fools prank at the moment. Maybe I'll do some fake news.

cube said...

Jan: Lol. Yes, that is the QCF or quintessential cat face. A close kin to the human RBF or resting bitch face.

cube said...

Sandee: Yes, those mousies don't catch themselves ;)

cube said...

Kid: Thanks. This cat is more evolved than most so don't think of your cats as tards or anything like that ;)

messymimi said...

There's nothing wrong with stretching Friday into Saturday and then Sunday into Monday, too. If you can, that is.

Z said...

Cube I just had to tell you how I laughed at your comment about Fake News at Kid's blog ...great one!
As for cats filing their claws..I WISH! Mine somehow always manages to get her back claws into my thighs when she decides to jump off my lap! OUCH!!

DaBlade said...

So I forget the answer (regarding the metal head clock) will this cat ever stop filing it's nails or is it resigned to spending eternity doing this (even when not being watched?)

cube said...

Messymimi: You're right, there's nothing wrong with stretching Friday into Saturday and Saturday into Sunday, but I would balk at stretching Sunday into Monday. Egads. No!

cube said...

Z: I'm glad you enjoyed my comment :) As to cat claws, those bunny kicks with their hind legs are the worst.

cube said...

DaBlade: Oy! You're opening up that can of worms? We do know that time never stops and that time never mutates, but it can dilate. If we were suddenly hurtled towards the speed of light, the metal dude and the filing cat would appear to do so much more slowly to an outside observer. It would appear at normal speed to us.

Before you ask, I don't think Heisenberg's principle applies here because these gifs aren't subatomic particles.

DaBlade said...

"before you ask"... THAT was a very real belly laugh. I should know better than to try to match wits with you :)

cube said...

DaBlade: Oh, I'm sorry. I mistook you for the other DaBlade that I know... you know the adiabatic, non-Linear, limited, invariant, Lorentz-Boost and Taylor Expand cognizant DeBlade.



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