Monday, November 12, 2018

Why Florida Election Fraud ?

A Look At Broward Elections Chief Brenda Snipes' Long history Of Trouble"

The Nation Is Watching Broward’s Election Chief. Here’s Some Troubling History

I would think this is enough incompetence to fire anybody, but surely, SURELY, this is even enough incompetence to fire a black woman for doing such an awful job .


Sandee said...

If she's a democrat and I'm sure she is, she won't get fired. I will say that whomever she is working for might be a bit worried right now.

Have a fabulous day. ♥

cube said...

If she's a democrat????? Puleahse the fix is IN>

Jan said...

The world is watching.

messymimi said...

Wow. Sometimes there are just no words.

Kid said...

If people don't go to jail in Florida, they're gonna voter fraud us back to the stone age.

Z said...

New American Voting Laws: If Dems don't win by a landslide, count again. And again. Count until they win. Compliments of Ms. Snipes

LL said...

Why is it that only ballots that cast votes for Democrats are "found" days later?

cube said...

messymimi; Yes,sometimes there are dead times. Why shouldn't the dead vote? It's the democrats way to win. The Zombiee vote.

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