Sunday, February 10, 2019

Green Nude Eel

Donald Trump Mocks Democrats’ Embrace Of ‘Green New Deal’: ‘Brilliant!’

I can't remember the source, but this is spot on ...

"The Green New Deal isn't about gullible warming, it is about the government taking control of everything from health care to transportation to farming and beyond. Government power is the only environment AOC and her ilk are concerned about."


Kid said...

Very clever and the text is spot on. I'd say there is an element of how stupid dumbasses regard themselves as geniuses who must save us knuckledraggers here also.

LL said...

They're hoping that the deplorables all die off by natural or other means so that the gullible and compliant recent university grads can take over, eliminate cows, cars, airplanes and synthetic fibers.

messymimi said...

Sometimes i just wonder what they think they are going to accomplish.

cube said...

Kid: Now Ocrazio-Kotex and her minions are saying that the GND that was posted on AOC's site was just a rough draft that was leaked by some nefarious people. It has since been taken down, but not before it was archived for future chuckles.

cube said...

LL: There will be plenty of death panels for us deplorables that don't conform to the politics of stupid.

cube said...

Messymimi: They're out to try socialism again even though it's never worked anywhere it's been tried. Socialism doesn't work because of human nature; capitalism works because of human nature.

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