Saturday, October 12, 2019

Fox News News

That's just humor at Juan's expense because there's a lot more going wrong at Fox News than just him.

On Wednesday, October 9th, William Barr and Rupert Murdoch meet...

Report: William Barr, Rupert Murdoch Meet Privately As Trump Sours On Fox News

Now the plot thickens as Shep Smith resigns on Friday...

Shep Smth Resigns From Fox News Effective Immediately

Coincidence or something more?

If this raises my eyebrows, you can only imagine the hay the left is going to make out of this.

What does the future hold in store for Fox News?

Only time will tell. All I want is fair and balanced news coverage.


Ed Bonderenka said...

I still think it's fair and balanced, no matter how unbalanced Juan is.
Only network showing Trump rallies live.
At the expense of ad revenue from Tucker and Hannity.

Jan said...

Wait, is this meeting reported by the NYT from one of their unnamed sources? Do we know that it actually happened or just that the NYT said so?

I'm convinced that Juan is a conservative, but he needs the work as the talking points liberal.

Z said...

Jan, you hear Juan and think he's a conservative? I get your point about needing the work but that silly 'eyebrows up in the air' thing he does when he hears something he doesn't like from Gutfeld or Watters isn't acting! I suppose you know his two sons are staunch Republicans who work for the party! :-)

Ed, I think that Juan situation IS part of the 'balanced' part, isn't it.

If Barr did this, I'm going to start not trusting him as much as I did when he first came in....

Also, if Smith was pushed out, do you think for a SECOND he'd not TELL the world that in his endeavor to look like the COOL LIB TRAPPED AT FOX JUST FOR THE WORK$$? NO WAY.

cube said...

Ed Bonderenka: Fox News is the leader in fair and balanced relative to the others in the MSM, however, longtime fans such as myself, have seen an erosion of those principles lately. The hiring of Donna Brazile is a case in point, but have been other signs.

I have never wanted Fox News to be the arm of the republican party in the way CNN is an arm of the democrat party. All I have ever wanted was fair and balanced.

cube said...

Jan: The initial report comes from the NYT. Whether its authenticity is fake, well your guess as good as mine.

I don't think Juan is a closet conservative. Maybe he has learned some common sense from his conservative colleagues over the years, but I believe he's still a liberal at heart.

cube said...

Z: I agree with you about Juan. I don't think for a NY minute that he's a conservative.

For the record, I don't think AG Barr did anything untoward. Shep is the one running and he may be running for reasons that may become evident in due time. I'm sure Shep will write a tell all book implicating Fox News in all manner of horrid things, but you can't expect him to tell all he knows just yet, do you?

Kid said...

Personally I never had any use for FOX. I'd rather have a a total Conservative news outlet and if people want to balance that with liberal nonsense they can flip through the communist stations occasionally. Nuthin Personal

messymimi said...

Read it all with a grain of salt, at least.

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