Thursday, January 09, 2020

Pick A Lane Preferably One In America

WATCH: Iraqis Take To The Streets to Celebrate ‘Elimination’ Of Iranian General, Terror Chief

A world class terrorist is killed and many in the world are ecstatic.

I'm not one to wish death upon people, but there have been a few other exceptions... Fidel Castro, was one that I prayed would die, or be killed, before my father and mother did and thankfully, he complied.

But then, this happened here...

Democrats 'Utterly Unpersuaded' By Evidence Behind Soleimani Strike

The democrat response has left me a little confused.

Just whose side are you on?


Sandee said...

The left has turned to anti-American of late. They used to be a decent party, but they have gone over the cliff as far as I'm concerned.

Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

messymimi said...

Some people just do not let the facts confuse them, otherwise they might have to change their opinions, which they prefer to facts.

cube said...

Sandee: I'm old enough to remember the old democrat party and they were a decent lot back then. The democrats of today are unbelievably off-the-scale weird and not a party I think most Americans support.

cube said...

Messymimi: You are so right. Lots of people don't want to be confused by the facts and that's a scary thing.

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