Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Of course, you can always drink responsibly...




Sandee said...

You're right on both counts. It must be the scientist in you.

Have a fabulous St. Patrick's Day. ♥

Granny Annie said...

I can't drink at all because alcohol hits me hard. I have found that I can drink a sip of alcohol in my evening sugar free jello with a little light cool whip on top. The delight of my day.

Z said...

Hi, Cube! Great image! :-) That's really a good one.

I thought you might have addressed the Meghan interview so I scrolled down a bit but didn't see it. Did you see the interview? I'd have thought you'd have quite something to say about her :-)
Miss you and need to come by more often!! XXX

messymimi said...

Well said!

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