Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Tsk, Tsk, Sidney

O.J. Simpson's daughter was arrested after she refused to stop yelling at police officers called about a fight outside a basketball game involving her old prep school team, police said.

Sydney Brooke Simpson, 19, was charged Saturday with resisting arrest without violence, punishable by up to a year in jail, and disorderly conduct, which carries a possible 60-day jail sentence.

While she was being placed into custody, she slapped another officer's hand, leading to the resisting arrest charge, the report said.

Two teenage girls told police that Simpson hit them in the face. Karina Van Ginkel, 16, and Simone Weissman, 17, refused to press battery charges.

The fear of having Sidney's father sneak up behind them & stab them with a large knife & nearly hack off their respective heads played no part in their refusal to press battery charges, the two girls added nervously.


cube said...

I get tons of hits from this post and yet no one sees fit to comment.

Would it kill you to comment?

Because I would so love to know why people are so interested in Sydney Brooke Simpson?

Please enlighten me...

Why the big interst?

Anonymous said...

Well, I noticed on Wikipedia that she'd be about 22 now, and I wanted to see what she looked like. After all, her parents are both pretty attractive people (say what you will about O.J., but he's not ugly). So I Googled her. And I got your page.

I suppose that probably didn't leave you very enlightened, but it's the best I can do.

Anonymous said...

I could care less what she looks like. I think the OJ case is an intriguing story. I am curious as to what happened to the kids if they are now married or what not. That is the sickness of the internet, you remain anonymous and you can find just about anything about a person.

Anonymous said...

I checked out this page because I was curious to know how Nicole Brown's children are doing and what damaging effects their fathers actions have had on them. Remember, they must have loved their mother dearly and she is gone forever now because there father is a jealous, insecure maniac.

I was just wondering how they are doing and whether or not they have any semblance of a normal life having that murderer for a father. Also, I wonder if they have a "good" relationship with their father? Or is he abusive to them too? Freak.

cube said...

Thank you all for responding. I really appreciate your feedback, albeit anonymously, but it's better than nothing.

Really. Thank you for enlightening me on this fascinating subject.

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