Thursday, January 17, 2008

Richard Knerr 1926-2008

Richard Knerr, Who Gave The World Hula Hoop And Frisbee, Dies At 82

Richard Knerr, toymaker and co-founder of Wham-O, also brought the world the Superball, the Slip 'N Slide and Silly String.

Rest in peace, Mr. Knerr, and thank you for the hours of enjoyment your products brought me growing up.


Brooke said...

RIP, indeed. Knerr will definitely live on in legacy!

cube said...

I know, I used a frisbee just this last week with my dogs. They love chasing & catching them.

Just the frisbee alone is a worthwhile legacy.

nanc said...

our dog, ferdy-boy, can turn a frisbee into a doily within five minutes.

i'm going to get me a new hula-hoop to use as an exercise tool - get rid of gift that showed up around my middle...if you know anybody who's missin' some extra pounds, send them my way!

cube said...

nanc:! Our dogs do the same thing. We used to buy expensive frisbees. Not any more.