Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Biased Moderator

Biden-Palin Debate Moderator Scandal: Gwen Ifill Will Profit From Obama Win

We are used to having debate after debate moderated by liberally-biased moderators from the MSM. Nothing new there, but has there ever been one that stood to gain financially if their candidate wins?

I think this goes far and beyond the liberal bias of old.

Where are the voices calling for Ifill's replacement? Would the left settle for Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh as moderator?


nanc said...

wuh? they couldn't get bill maher?

Laurie said...

There is just so much going on my head is continually spinning, oh wait maybe it does that anyway. lol
I get your point and I agree, What In The.....
I think our government and those related to it are all on crack!!! :)
Just kidding, well I don't know some of them sure do act like they could be on something.

Brooke said...

What a complete slap in the face of the voter!

Nancy Swider said...

Hey Cube, just letting you know that I am moving my blog tomorrow to I am about to ad your site to my new blogroll, be sure to check it out.

katdish said...

Hi Cube. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I liked your quotes.

I saw Bernie Goldberg on Fox the other day talking about the liberal slant of the media. He was recalling a conversation he had with a reporter back in the seventies who was astounded that Nixon beat McGovern because she didn't know anyone that voted for him. (Nixon won 49 out of 50 states.)

It seems to me that the media elite stay inside their tight little social circles and therefore have no clue what the priorities and values of the rest of the country are. I think they vaccilate between pity and loathing for us poor back woods morons who only vote republican because we don't know any better.

cube said...

nanc: Maher is a loon.

wblmom: Now you've made me think of the old song, "Dizzy, my head is spinnin'. Like a whirpool it never ends".

It does seem like events are happening at an ever-quickening pace. Sometimes I just want to disengage from the lies and the spin myself.

cube said...

brooke: Slap, indeed. McCain needs to back the Senate & House republicans. Stand firm & rein in this spendfest.

nancy swider: Thanks. I'll make it a point to stop by.

katdish: It's as though liberals all swim in the same fishbowl and don't notice the water. Meanwhile, we're on the outside looking in, & thinking, "Look at all those stupid little fish swimming around in circles."

Jamie Dawn said...

Some Dems would not even agree to be on FOX news.

They need to get a different moderator for the debate.

Can you imagine the outcry if the tables were turned?

cube said...

j.d.: They would never allow a conservative moderator that crossed his heart & hoped to be unbiased.

McCain didn't know about Ifill's book because the MSM keeps mum when it suits them.

Chuck said...

Even CNN was covering this, of course their story was about the mounting criticism, not the reason for the criticism

WomanHonorThyself said...

ugh..thats sickening truly!

Anonymous said...


What exactly is the problem?

You seem to be suggesting the possibility that an appearance of moderation in a "moderator" might be compromised by the moderator going well beyond the totally laughable pretense of impartiality and advocating for one candidate in order to sell a book she (the "moderator") has written!

How dare you. I, for one, can tell you that Ms Ifill would rather burn evrey last copy of the book than have people think she is biased.

Of course I would be totally full of mierda to tell you this!

Jeepers these people have no shame!

Fidel Hussein Obama 08!!!


cube said...

QQ: Today, Ifill came out & said she did not tell the Commission on Presidential Debates about the book either. What's to tell? Right?

No conflict here. Just move along...

...and the sheeple just move along as instructed.

I think it's a disgusting state of affairs when the MSM is in the tank for a candidate instead of acting like journalists.

I hope the people scrutinize every nuance of the debate's moderation tonight. Let's see just how fair & balanced it turns out.

BB-Idaho said...

"Let's see just how fair & balanced it turns out." I thought
Ifill did fine. Tina Fey was OK too. :)

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