Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Nobel Snub

Nobel Peace Prize: Norwegians Incensed Over Barack Obama's Snubs

Shame on you for awarding this prize to such an empty suit. Don't expect me to have any sympathy for you now.



Anonymous said...



DaBlade said...

What I don't understand is why Obama canceled lunch with the Norwegian king. Too tough to eat while bowing? I'm sure they all regret his selection after his Afghanistan surge.

nanc said...

What did they expect from Chairman Zero? Substance?

cube said...

anonymous: ditto.

DaBlade: Oh yeah. I noticed the audience trying to suppress their initial exuberance with the Great One because of his recent troop "surge" in Afghanistan. You could cut the liberal white guilt remorse with a knife. It gave me a good laugh.

nanc: I hear you.

dmarks said...

I'd love to see an appropriate Nobel Peace Prize awarding ceremony for this:

On a podium, a Nobel Peace Prize official hands Obama a cracker-jack box, saying "Here. Your prize is inside".

On further elabortion, he says: "We were going to give you Yassir Arafat's award instead. He's dead, and doesn't need it anymore. However, his prize was accidentally destroyed when a Fatah party bus-bomb factory blew up.

Ananda girl said...

Well I must say... your photo says what's in my head!

cube said...

dmarks: Yassir's Nobel award is equally ill-awarded as Obama's. I would rather they both got decoder rings instead.

Ananda Girl: Me too. What where they thinking?

Chuck said...

Obama with a foreign affairs gaffe? I am shocked

bumbu pecel bali said...