Thursday, December 17, 2009


Star Trek Stops Women From Becoming Computer Scientists

This is such crap.

Girlies, get out there and compete, if it's what you want to do, and don't let some TV show stop you.



DaBlade said...

And ladies? Don't fret if you're not a geek. There is always Yeoman's work, as the captain occasionally needs an emergency tray of cookies on the bridge stat!

Just playin'!:)

Jan said...

And of course only women can make or serve coffee.


Chuck said...

Somebody has to do the dishes :)

Actually I think this said a lot:

“People have to begin to take it seriously.”

This is from the article. Let's just say I'm not there yet.

I think studies like these attempt to simplify things that are far too complicated to boil down to one single factor. Other issues shape a students carreer decisions, her parents and how they raised her, her high school carreer, the teachers she had in school, the opportunities and exposure to these types of fields, etc.

cube said...

DaBlade: Or, like Yeoman Rand, bringing something that urgently needed the Captain's signature.

Jan: Everyone knows that replicated coffee just isn't as good as fresh perked.

Chuck: It's possible that
it's the geeky reputation that Trekkies have earned over the years that turns off some women, not the show itself.

Brooke said...

What a total load.

Caz said...

Strange introductory comments in the article: were they trying to suggest that the characters in Star Wars are grubby? A more sterilized looking bunch you'd be hard to find!

How many universities or offices are "decorated" in the "nerdy" way they've chosen?

It doesn't stack up against the real world.

It's not as though girls do a tour of "nerd" bedrooms when making career choices.

BTW: I love "The Bing Bang Theory", one of my favorites.