Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sneaky Down Time

A plethora of bad news comes out everyday about Obama, but this article caught my eye in particular:

Obama Attends Nonexistent Soccer Game?

What is going on here? Where is the press? Where was the Secret Service?

Be afraid, people. This can't be good.


Brooke said...

Where was Obama? What was he doing?

This brings up a lot of questions as to what his real activities might be...

cube said...

Lots of questions, especially on the weekend of the events involving the Polish government's plane crashing in, coincidentally, Russia, the Russian-backed coup in Kyrgyzstand, and the "luminaries" in town for the nuclear summit.

Where is the outrage over this? I haven't heard a peep about this except in American Thinker.

birdwoman said...

You guys are overthinking this. I think he was somewhere... inhaling. In the Clinton way.

Hey, he just worked hard ramming that healthcare crap down our throats! Man needs to relax and celebrate.

Wonder who brought the munchy snacks?


cube said...

Birdwoman: I don't know what BO was up to, but the man in charge of USA nukes (while we still have them, that is) shouldn't be overindulging mind-altering substances.

If he was out for a tryst... also bad.

If he was out meeting yet another one of his undesirable friends... also bad.

If he pretended to be out so that yet another undesirable could be sneaked into the White House... also bad.

Shades of playing a game of cards and having the first card be the Queen of Diamonds, anyone?

I just can't see anything good coming out of this.

Chuck said...

This conversation highlights the problem with this administration. He could have been doing something completely harmless or personal and innocent. But, they have lied so much that anything he does now is suspect. I think we will never know everything this dude is doing.

Jan said...

Chuck is right. We don't believe any explanation at all.

I keep thinking nothing he can do will surprise me. But he keeps surprising me.

DaBlade said...

No soccer game? Maybe Obama went to shoot hoops in the hood. Honestly, I wish he would take more of these breaks than continuing his mission of dismantling the country.

WomanHonorThyself said...

what a thug...busy promoting enemies and trashing allies worldwide..sick!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cube,

So that you know I was first to point this out, though it has been sickeningly obvious for over a year; but where are the comparisons to Mussolini in this frequent pose Obama presents?

With all the boring, sloppy, lazy and tiresome comparisons to Hitler that the lefties lob at their enemies, it is more than passing irony that none of the gutless bastards point out the clear apeing of one of Il Duce's most famous mannerisms!

Also more than sickening that a gutless, spindly, panty waisted mediocrity like Obama has so many "journalists" wrapped about his axle.

What a splendid anticlimax for them as their marginalization to cartoon status is made final.

Again, you heard it here first; I hereby name Obama, "Il Douche"