Sunday, May 30, 2010

Thundercats Mystery

Remember the Thundercats in the 1980's? Well, a homicide case is brewing over the dismemberment/death of one of the writers of the series and it's happening in my back yard:

Comic Book Writer Victim Of 'Apparent Homicide'

I didn't watch Thundercats, but I do remember hearing about the show. I am, however, a fan of mysteries, so I will continue to follow this case until it's conclusion.


Brooke said...

How terrible. Do keep us posted. I hope they solve it and catch the one responsible.

cube said...

Looks like Perry's housemates, who are behind bars on unrelated charges, are persons of interest in his dismemberment and disappearance.

birdwoman said...

I liked thundercats, but I like it better when Robot Chicken makes fun of them.

Very sorry about the crime, tho.


cube said...

birdwoman: I love Robot Chicken, but have yet to see the one RE: the Thundercats.

Unfortunately, crime happens when you live with a couple of skells.

Teresa said...

Growing up I used to watch this show. This is horrible. Please keep us updated on this matter.

cube said...

Teresa: I read yesterday that the homicide investigation into Perry's death is complicated because they have so far only found his arm.

Foresically reconstructing what happened will be very hard without the rest of the body.

Maybe his "housemates" will confess.

cube said...

Just read yesterday that more remains were found, but they haven't been able to confirm that they belong to Perry. The DNA tests are ongoing. Time will tell.

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