Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Gaga Goo Goo Eyes

Girls Clamor For 'Circle' Contact Lenses Inspired By Lady Gaga, But They're Risky And Illegal

Silly girls. Lady Gaga's Goo Goo eyes in the Bad Romance video were computer generated. Your eyeballs are too precious to risk for any fashion trend.


Chuck said...

I think they're dignity too precious to be risked doing anything Lady Gaga does

Teresa said...

I think your vision is more precious than risking your eyesight by wearing these glasses just to fit in or look like Lady Gaga. I know eyesight is precious, as I can only see with one eye.

Jan said...

I would really like to wear these, but that permanent blindness thing kind of sucks.

crazy4coens said...

what's up with the lady gaga thing? she totally escapes me.

Z said...

I'm with Chuck! WOW

Karen K said...

Another great role model for girls to follow... not.

WomanHonorThyself said...

how pathetic..another woman selling s-ex to young impressionable girls too..blah!
come to WHT to work up an appetite..heh

birdwoman said...

I blame Sailor Moon.

Hey, I've been seeing you drive down the road lately... ummm... interesting design??


cube said...

Chuck: As the mother of two teenage girls I certainly relate to your position.

Teresa: I'm sorry to hear that.

Jan: I won't even consider wearing legal contact lenses. Putting stuff on my eyes scares me.

crazy4coens: She is an accomplished musician who writes her own music and songs. Unfortunately, her personal antics and videos are a bit too weird for many people. I like her music, but she's far too overexposed.

cube said...

Z: I agree.

Karen Howes: So true.

WomanHonorThyself: A trip to WHT
would teach them a few things that they should know.

Birdwoman: Not just Sailor Moon, but all anime. These lenses have been all the rage in Asian markets before Lady Gaga came along.

Re: The Cube. You're being kind when you call that design interesting. It's positively hideous.

Mr. Cube thinks its funny to advise me to give my X-Terra to my daughter and get myself a Cube.

Yeah, right.

Brooke said...

What? Don't most people have an instinct to NOT put things in their eyes?

I don't get GaGa, either.

cube said...

Brooke: I, personally, would agree with you because I can't stand the thought of putting something on my eyeball, but there are tons of people who are using doctor prescribed contact lenses which are safe.

These goofy things are sold over the counter and can hurt your eyes. They have been big sellers in Asia for a long time.

As far as Lady Gaga goes, I don't get her either, but I do like her music.