Thursday, July 01, 2010

Loose Pants

UK Mayor Drops Pants Before Kids

Holy cow! I blame the South Beach diet. How else does this happen?


Jan said...

He could probably get a gig with Jenny Craig

Brooke said...

Pants on the ground, pants on the ground...


Chuck said...

I see this nonsense all of the time in the ER. I do not have the energy to walk around holding up my pants

cube said...

Jen: I don't know. It doesn't help your weight loss schtick when you drop your pants in public in front of kids! I think this might fall into the category of antithetical advertising.

cube said...

Brooke: Yeah, he got his 15 seconds of fame ;-)

Chuck: Who does? It's stoopid. I can't imagine any girl wanting to be associated with these boys. They should lay down the law. I don''t understand why they put up with it.

Anonymous said...

Who forgets to wear a belt?


Chuck said...

We originally lived in the city before we moved to a rural area.

My kid's started school in an inner city public school (which is one of the reasons we moved out of the city)

My oldest son was in the 6th grade in his last year which is Middle School there.

We went to orientation and the Assistant Principle, who happened to be a black lady, spoke.

She stood up before these kids and laid down the law. She explained how things were going to go under her watch.

One of the things she said was that the kids were not allowed to sag their pants in school. She said she kept heavy orange yarn in her office and any kid caught sagging had to spend the day with orange yarn as a belt.

She talked about them respecting themselves and not acting "street". She was one of the few things I was impressed with at this school.

cube said...

Lee: I guess that whole argument was lost because I posted a photo of a saggy-pants dude.

You're right. It's a bit strange when someone who knows his pants are loose and doesn't put on a belt.

It seems like a no brainer to me.

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