Tuesday, September 13, 2011

9/11 Remembrance

A study in contrasts and similarities from the American Thinker:

The Player And The President


Jan said...

That photo is remarkable, an instant icon.

and Williams, the millionaire with all her endorsements, needs to channel Arthur Ashe and Jackie Robinson.

sue hanes said...

Cube - Good to have you back.

We choose just the right picture that expresses what we feel, and certainly there is nothing wrong with that.

I have a picture of former President George W. Bush and President Obama that used to hang in my 'oval office.'

It was taken when Obama came to visit the White House before he was president.

It's really a good one.

cube said...

Jan: You're right. It is a remarkable photo. Once I saw it, I couldn't not post it. Speaks volumes.

As far as Williams goes, she needs to curb her emotions for sure, but Arthur Ashe wouldn't be someone I would expect her to channel. I was a big tennis brat in those days and I heard plenty about Arthur Ashe that made me cringe. I think for years Ashe got the media pass and then he got cancer. Instant

cube said...

Sue Hanes: Glad to be back.

I see you have a little one in your new avatar. I, like most people, very much prefer that new life cycle in our lives as opposed to the opposite cycle we've just endured over the last week. Very depressing to see such a vibrant, energetic, promising life cut short.


As far as the picture goes, I think it speaks for itself. I know whom I'd like to be comforted by...

sue said...

cube - since you mentioned the 'little one' in my picture, that is Joel, and he is now 4 yrs. old. He has a 2 yr. old sister, Joslin, who is awesome and very active, and brother Jude, who is almost 5 months. My other daughter has four - ages 12 > 4.

When I hear about tragedies such as your family has experienced, I can hardly let my mind go there - concerning my grandchildren.

I hope your family is experiencing some healing, but I know it takes a lot of time.

sue said...

whoops - I think that is a pink hat so I must be holding Joslin when she was just born. :=)

Trekkie4Ever said...

That picture speaks volumes, doesn't it? Not surprising, Obama has always believed himself to better than anyone else.

I read the whole article and that author nailed it.

Chuck said...

Obama is pictured with his nose at a 45-degree angle standing next to George Bush, whose face, furrowed from the effects of eight years in office, is bowed deep in prayer.

See, Obama does not have the same burden as Bush. It's a luxury one has when they don't care about something. Bush cared about the US, Obama does not.

Z said...

did y'all see Laura break down into tears......what a lady she is.
Michelle put her arm on her back to comfort her. The toned, buffed arm.
but, she DID do it.

that pictures is very moving....what a very good man Bush is

On a happy scale of 1 to 10, regarding the Weiner Seat going to a Republican for the first time since 1923, I am a 234987324897

Always On Watch said...

That picture says it all.

Granny Annie said...

I saw the photo and read the article and it pains me to say that I believe it all. What a sad ...everything.

cube said...

Sue Hanes: Joel or Joslin...both cute I'm sure.

We were blessed with a nephew in 2009 and a niece in 2010. It was wonderful then and it continues to be a joy for us all.

Our recent sadness was a part of the cycle of life that we all dread. My cousin died 14 years and 3 days from the day her son died. His dad is the most devastated. My prayers go to him and hope his hurt heals with time.

cube said...

Leticia: I thought he nailed it as well. I wonder what you thought of the biblical verse Obama picked to discuss. Any thoughts on that?

Chuck: I agree. I don't see the love either.

Z: I didn't watch the ceremony. I did watch this... Michelle Obama At 9/11/11 US Flag Folding [rolls her eyes]

I'm no lip reader -maybe someone out there can help us figure this out - but it doesn't look like there is a pleasant thought associated with the nasty look on her face.

cube said...

Always On Watch: Yes it does. It speaks volumes.

Granny Annie: Sad, allright. How ever did we get into this predicament?