Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuna Takers

One more example of government regulations gone wild...

New Bedford Fisherman Forced To Give Up 800-pound Tuna

How far can it go in a democratic republic?


silly rabbit said...

That is an outrage! If there was a rod requirement on tuna that large, it should have been explained at the time of purchasing the permit. Sounds to me like a nice catch-22 to rake in funds for the government. Or piracy.

cube said...

It's highway robbery. That man was entitled to that tuna. Period.

sue hanes said...

Cube - Let him eat cake.

Just kidding. :)

Cube - Super 8 has hit the stands now so remember that you promised to rent it - and I'll be waiting for your opinion.

To jog your memory - I didn't like it but there is something good in the credits.

I'll be waiting...

WomanHonorThyself said...

aw what a shame! HAPPIEST THANKSGIVING!..AND thank you for keepin the fight Cube~!:)

Jan said...

This is as stupid as so many regulations on farmers and ranchers. I can think of thousands of ways that the feds can cut the budget and they all involve stupid regulations like this.

Chuck said...

Too bad he can't claim protected status. In Michigan Native Americans can catch fish with a net because they have done this historically.

Evidently the thinking is that non-Native Americans have always had Shakespeare rod and reels.

Jay Noel said...

I read that story yesterday. What an absolute joke! Maybe the Fed will give the giant fish to Russia as a peace offering.

DaBlade said...

I had no idea they got that big. Tuna, not government bureaucrats.

Z said...

as if ANYBODY could reel in a fish THAT big on a hook and LINE? It'd be like reeling in 4 dinghies with fisherman inside them!
I'd read about this, too, and was stunned.

Did they spank his hand, too?
This was definitely highway (er...waterway) robbery.

Happy Thanksgiving, Cube! (that string beans/tomato dish you talked about at my place has to be from the INlaws, right? Such an Armenian dish!)??

Always On Watch said...

Gah! More insanity!

The New Bedford area has been hit hard during the recession, BTW.

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