Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Suicide Or Fatal Hairball?

Daniel Avner, also known by his Indian name, Stalking Cat, was found dead of a possible suicide after years of undergoing a series of radical body modification procedures to make himself look like a female cat, from whiskers and ears to a mechanical tail.

"Stalking Cat" Daniel Avner Found Dead In Possible 'Suicide' After Years Of Transforming His Face To Look Like A Feline

What a troubled soul.


sue hanes said...

Cube - I can't imagine a better way to put it than you did.

A troubled soul.

dmarks said...

I was reading about Kzinti recently, after I found a story in a book entitled "The Man Who Would Be Kzin"

This guy truly met that title.

dmarks said...

Also, I just noticed that his moving from male human to female cat counts as a sort of sex change. If he had been smart about it, he could have received one of those massive federal grants for sex-change operations.

dmarks said...

Anyway, you might want to feature this guy in a future Cat Blog Friday. He's another cat guy, but I think he has all his 9 lives left and won't squander them.

Jan said...

I had a smartass comment about a sex change, but someone already wrote it.

Trekkie4Ever said...

That's so sad. He wasn't hurting anyone but himself by that transformation. And he shouldn't be judged so harshly.

He just loved cats. What a tragic ending for this man.

Granny Annie said...

Never heard of him until this minute. I believe a movie of his life would be in order. A Navy man gone feline. In a way I think he must have been a pretty cool guy as well as a troubled soul.

Teresa said...

Never heard of the guy. Weird and sad.

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