Monday, June 22, 2015

Meet Missy

Missy, the new member of our family. She's my daughter's cat and would only be staying with us temporarily... yeah, right.

There must be a giant lollipop on my front lawn... SUCKER!


Anyway, the photo looked better on my phone and this one is the best of the lot; the rest were a blur. Capturing a photo of such a young kitten is like nailing jello to a tree. Well, at least I'm going to need a better camera.



Kathe W. said...

love that expression of nailing jello to a tree! Cheers!

Sandee said...

Awww, she's adorable. I think that's a great shot. Kitties are very hard to photograph.

Have a purrfect day Missy. My best to your grand. ☺

cube said...

Kathe W: It is apt for grabbing a kitten pic.

cube said...

Sandee: Too adorable and we fell for it. Thanks... I was lucky to catch her in a pensive moment and then she was off again.

jan said...

She looks like a calico cat which is what we have. Resistance is futile.

cube said...

Jan: Lol. Yes, we were assimilated by a Borg calico kitten drone. She has the three classic colors - black, white and brown. So far the two large dogs like her, but the rest of the cats need some convincing.

Alec said...

What a sweet little girl.

Reminds me of a sign I saw at a cafe once:

"Unescorted children will be given a free kitten and a large latte."

Enjoy her!

messymimi said...

Beautiful! And you can only photograph kittens when they are asleep.

Kid said...

Cats those colors are tons of fun.

cube said...

Alec: Oh, that shopkeeper was thinking. Very clever way to tell folks what they should already know, "Watch your kids."

cube said...

Messymimi: Thank you. You are right, but good luck trying to find them when they're asleep.

cube said...

Kid: I'm not being facetious, but is there something about those particular colors that makes them more fun? Every kitten I've ever known had supernova levels of energy and trying to contain one was like trying to capture lightning in a bottle.

Kid said...

Cube, I've had cats all my life, and my wife and I also fostered orphan kittens for a few years while we could and had so many that we cared for and got adopted out. Based on that I have the following impressions:
-black cats and black and whites are very social and love to play well into their adult years.
-black and white with the brown spots like Missy are even more so players
-solid grey - very intelligent and very laid back
-orange - some level of neurotic behavior will exist
-siamese - ninjas, talkers, social, lovers, lots of wonderful traits
-calico - very temperamental and self centered but very loving too
That's about is as far as my experience goes but I believe you'll find that it holds true most of the time.

Alec said...

Kid, fascinating.

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cube said...

Kid: That's fascinating. With all of your experience, you & your wife are like kitty whisperers, at this point. I don't know if you have any experience with them, but I'd like to know what your findings are on tortoiseshell cats.

Kid said...

Cube, I should have been more specific. I talked about Torties a little when I mentioned Calico's, but of course all Calico's are not Torties. But every Calico is female.
We have a long hair Tortie. She jumped up on our porch 16 years ago and asked if I'd make her a sandwich. I brought her in and she's been here since. She could easily sit in the palm of my hand at the time, and most of her was fur. She was a feral and had gotten hold of something bad that caused her to have a rash of some kind on her tongue. We fed her of course, and wife took her to the vet the next day. Vet said she was probably 7 months old, even though she was hardly larger than a kitten. She had good survival skills. I think she cased our place too and saw the other cats there before she offered herself up.

Anyway, so here she is 16 years old. Great health, still loves to play and likes attention. But with Calico's she can be tempermental. A touch me-don't touch me cat. She wants love on her terms only - which is most of the time but when she's not interested it's not hard to figure out.
She's also very tough. Even though she weighs less than 5 lbs, and our other cats are between 10 and 20, she takes Nothing from any of them and they always back off when she's in a mood and regardless None of them ever mess with her. You can see the respect in their eyes.
I'd say that is very typical of Calico's and especially Torties.
In summary, I'd have one anytime. They are unique.

Kid said...

Alec, Are you a cat owner? I love how they all have such unique personalities even though there is commonality within certain groups.

cube said...

Kid: Thanks for sharing your experience with cats. My tortie, although the smallest cat in the house (except for the brand new kitten), does control all the other pets in the house. I've had many devoted cats, but this one is dog-like in her devotion to me. I've never had a cat quite like this one. She likes to be picked up first thing every morning and, if I don't oblige her, she will fly upwards and latch onto my chest. She's an amazing cat.

Kid said...

Neat :)