Friday, August 07, 2015

Moto Cat Blog Friday

For this Cat Blog Friday...

... a kitty who dreams big.

Happy Friday everybody!


jan said...

I'm sure that is how our cat sees herself. King of the jungle.

cube said...

Maybe not jungle, but ours look at themselves as king and queens of the house... including the little itty bitty Missy who is conquering ALL. They can take over the house in mere weeks.

Sandee said...

Yep, they do see themselves that way don't they. Too cute.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

cube said...

Sandee: I love domestic kitty ways, but I'm also glad they're not bigger than we are because it could be very ugly if they were.

stevebethere said...

Haha! brilliant & cute :-)

Have a tanfastic weekend :-)

messymimi said...

Love it! They are all king/queen of their own jungle.

cube said...

Stevebethere: Yes. Hoping for a tantastic weekend keyword being tan... done with the rain, and on with the sun. Yes! Hope yours is a good one too.

cube said...

Messymini: Yes, they rule us all, don't they? ;)

Always On Watch said...

Cats -- they have such positive self-images!

cube said...

AlwaysOnWatch: And we love them for it, don't we? At least I do.

Always On Watch said...

Yes, it's one of their most endearing qualities.

cube said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cube said...

Always On Watch: Gotta love those kitties. Yet I find myself in the thrall of puppies and tons of all those babies.. Gosh, I'm such a sucker ;)

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