Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Doomsday Asteroid?

Oh, by the way...

'Doomsday Asteroid' Will Zoom Past Earth Tomorrow, NASA Reveals In 'Threat' Alert

NASA has spent the past few months debunking claims that a "doomsday space rock" will wipe out humanity this month.

Now it has confirmed the 270-metre Asteroid 2012 TT5 will speed past the planet tomorrow, but don't worry, NASA says we'll live.

See you all tomorrow... maybe. ;)


LL said...

That is very good news. I've remained hopeful that I can have carnal knowledge of Charlize Theron before I die. Now I know that I still have time...

Jan said...

I'll be watching the sky all day now.

cube said...

LL: Better hurry. I hear she has plans.

messymimi said...

And i really could have used a day off. Oh, well, back to cleaning.

cube said...

Jan: If something that big hit the Earth, we'd know it. It would be catastrophic. I find it interesting that NASA sat on news of this near earth object being as close as it is for as long as they did.

cube said...

Messymimi: A hit from a real Doomsday asteroid would give us all time off forever. As much as I hate cleaning, it beats the alternative.

Sandee said...

Not me, I'm going to drink some champagne later. I won't care.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Kid said...

Maybe if it hit mecca.

cube said...

Kid: If only it would be that easy. A near earth object that size would kill the rest of us, too. Deus ex machina only works in Stephen King books.

cube said...

YAY everybody, we survived!!!!!

Your "I survived Asteroid 2012TT5" t-shirts will arrive in the mail shortly ;)

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