Saturday, September 19, 2015

Fresh Air

I think we could use a fresh breeze flowing through the halls of our government.


LL said...

Two terms are enough for the Senate. Four for the House.

Jan said...

But we also need to be sure they don't come back as highly paid lobbyists.

messymimi said...

We've tried to set term limits here, it never works. Not enough of us have had a snootful to push the issue hard enough.

Kid said...

I have a hard time with this though in the end, I will support term limits.

-If the CEO of IBM is doing a good job, do you kick him/her out after 4 years?
-Voters can enforce term limits, why don't they?
-Why do we think the replacement wouldn't be engineered to do the same evil and corruption as the last person, and if the one out is with the one in, they might even be more efficient at stealing money.
Ok, let's try it. I'm very doubtful it will do anything for us.

Sandee said...

We need to drain that swamp that was promised. There was no draining at all. It just got worse. Fire them all and let's start over with some folks that are at least sane.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Z said...

I think Kid's mostly right.......and I also think nobody should serve over 20 years, MAX. The argument is they know the ropes; sure, and they know the lobbyists, too$$$