Thursday, July 26, 2018

Florida Storms

Lightning over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Tampa last week.

. .

This is a scary-high bridge to drive over in nice weather...

[The BLOG note: Pic credit Justin Battles from Fox 13.]


LL said...

Florida has neat summer storms.

I was stationed at Pensacola in the Navy for a while and used to really love watching the lightning.

Adrienne said...

Just took a drive over the bridge on Youtube. It is, indeed, high. I'm wondering why they did that.

Sandee said...

I think I'd not be going over that bridge until the hurricane season is over.

Have a fabulous day. ♥

cube said...

LL: The name Tampa is derived from the Native Calusa tribe word meaning "sticks of fire." Some scholars believe it comes from watching intense lightening storms in the region. The displays of fire sticks in the sky can be very impressive.

Jan said...

I have a fear of going over all bridges.

cube said...

Adrienne: I've been over the real Skyway many times, but I just took the YouTube drive myself. It's definitely scarier in person and even scarier when my husband pretends to lose control of the steering wheel at the top, or rubbernecking instead of keeping his eyes on the road. It's nerve-wracking enough to ride with him on land.

If you mean why they built it so high (430 feet), it's because the first Skyway was hit by a barge in 1980 and 35 people died when six cars, one truck and one Greyhound bus plunged 150 feet into the water. The current Skyway is 430 feet high and its piers are protected by concrete barriers.

cube said...

Sandee: Lol. The Skyway is closed when winds reach 40 mph.

cube said...

Jan: I share your fear. I almost lost my mind on the bridge to the Florida Keys which is about 8 miles long. Let's just say the floor mat and I got very acquainted.

messymimi said...

Florida storms and south Louisiana storms have a lot in common. No way would i be wanting to cross a bridge in a lightning storm.

Kid said...

I can only hope that many libtards were harmed in the making of this image.

SiGraybeard said...

Tampa area is the lightning capital of North America. In both number and intensity of the strikes.

It is beautiful to watch. From a respectful distance.

cube said...

Messymimi: I would agree with your conclusion of crazy azz storms being the norm in our native states. What I've heard about the Lake Pontchartrain Bridge would make me turn into a puddle of neurotic goo. I hate bridges on sunny days. What's the fancy name for bridge phobia?

cube said...

SiGraybeard: That's something that Tampa Bay residents (aka known as Tampons) hear from the Chamber of Commerce, but people like myself, have a hard time believing that such a claim can be proved scientifically. We get some spectacular displays and being the North American lightning capital is a sexy claim, yes, but one that's very hard to prove.

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