Monday, December 31, 2018

Bre Payton 1992 - 2018

Bre Payton: A Conservative Light Lost Too Soon

Very sad to hear.

RIP Ms. Payton.


LL said...

H1N1 flu and possible meningitis? A deadly combination no matter your age or state of health. It's like a bullet with your name on it.

cube said...

LL: A cautionary tale for those who refuse the flu vaccine.

Sandee said...

Vaccines are necessary things. It saves lives. So very sad and so very young.

Have a fabulous day and a happy and healthy New Year. ♥

Jan said...

I get a flu shot every year. At one time in our history the flu killed thousands.

Kid said...

I'm a vaccine believer. The last time I had the flu, I thought I was going to die and didn't care. Couldn't walk across the house for a week. Slept on 6 beach towels to avoid having the bed turn into a lake.

I did not know this person, but the good ones always go too soon don't they. What about the evil stuff God ? Can you take some of that please ? Just a request.

Kid said...

PS - illegals are bringing Serious illnesses into our country. I sure hope they surround pelosi and schumer and go into coughing jags.

Ed Bonderenka said...

As long as you get the right flu strain in your immunization.
And don't get a culture that kills like some have.
And she didn't get a meningitis vaccine either.

messymimi said...

Very sad news. Some people very close to me are anti-vaxxers, i wonder what they will say.

myslot said...

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