Saturday, June 22, 2019


I joined Twitter many years ago at the behest of a blog friend and then she dropped off the end of the Earth. The account stood silent for years, but recently I checked it out and I was intrigued by the speed, the brevity, the vastness of it all.

OK, so I follow politics, true crime, nature, food, and horror movie sites. No problem, right? Yet a site called "Dr. Horror Geek," which posted horror movie stills and discussed classic horror movies and books all of a sudden posts liking a post from Alexandria Ocasio-Ortiz saying "This president needs to be impeached."

This is on a horror movie, book, art ...whatever, horror site.


This person chose to drag politics into what was a totally apolitical situation.

My opinions on The BLOG are mine and there are no boundaries. On Twitter there are boundaries. People should follow them.


Kid said...

The communists are out of control Cube. They can't be intolerant, violent, or obtuse enough to suit them. I ignore them as I would a three year old trying to educate me about something.

cube said...

Kid; I hear you and I'm seeing it EVERYWHERE. The way they parse language is Orwellian.

Jan said...

Sadly Trump Derangement Syndrome has taken the minds of some formerly rational people. I just unfriend anyone on Facebook who gets into hysterical politics. I've had to unfriend some long time internet friends including one with daily rants.Liberalism is a mental disease and I am not a shrink.

cube said...

Jan: I hear you. Speaking to normally rational people is anything BUT rational any more. I'll talk to people and they vent about the horrible economy. I just *sigh* and move on because we're self-employed and business is busting out all over to the point that we can't keep up with it because there's so much work out there, but in their minds "it's a horrible economy. " Tt's all the Orange Man's fault.

LL said...

The economy is better than it's been anytime during my life. Unemployment is lower in all categories than it has been during my life. So who can I blame but Trump?

I know that old Slow Joe is trying to take a bow, but he is a joke...and needs to go back to the home where he can eat the black checkers, thinking that they're Oreos.

messymimi said...

It’s sad when people can’t just let a movie site be a movie site.

cube said...

LL: Lol. I will never think of black checkers the same way ever. Thanks for that 🙂

As to the economy, we are having to turn down work, something we are loathe to do, but we can't keep up with the demand. Jobs, buildings, everything is up. I blame Trump, too. KAG.

cube said...

Messymimi: I know. In my blog I can say and do whatever I want. On Twitter I'm very circumspect about what I say. I don't drag politics into an apolitical site, but not everyone feels that way.