Monday, September 16, 2019

Compare & Contrast

The above is a pic of Trump's New Mexico rally.

Weak Two: Empty Seats Outnumber Fans In Several NFL Stadiums

I'm not going to get into what happened at each individual NFL game this second "weak." Read the article for the details.

In the meantime, the point is...

President Trump fills a stadium better & faster than the NFL because he stands for America and he stands for the flag.

Some people still don't get it.

KAGA 2020


LL said...

I have only attended one TRUMP! rally and to those of your readers who have not, they should do themselves the favor of going if for nothing else, to experience the people who attend. They are polite, they pick up their trash, they're nice to talk to and they're all worried about the creation of a socialist state - possibly a soviet model.

Big things turn on small hinges sometimes and by attending, it's evident why President Trump won. Can you imagine Hillary's America? Or Beto's, or the butt guy's or Castro's or Warren's? They're all dark places, with a nation in decline, rationed healthcare, rationed food, rationed everything.

Sandee said...

I get why he packs the house. LL has nailed it.

Have a fabulous day, my friend. ♥

Adrienne said...

I love watching his rally's. They fill me with hope and energy. Hope your "weak" is going well.

messymimi said...

And yet many will not open their eyes and look.

Mike_C said...

I've only attended one political rally as a supporter [1] and that was the Trump rally in Manchester, NH. Polite, pleasant people, lots of families. Mostly white (as NH is about 94% white) but I was surprised to see southeast and east Asians (besides me and the Pretty Korean Girl that is), even a few South Asians. Most of the sidewalk vendors hawking Trump gear were American blacks, for some reason. And yes, trash was neatly deposited in the proper places. The only problem was sound quality inside the stadium was poor. The (thousands) of people outside listening on a Jumbotron screen could actually understand what Trump was saying.

PKG's mother was worried about her going because of "all the racists" she was sure were going to be there. Such is the power of the press. Incidentally, the take of one Korean housewife on Trump is "He's a bully, but one of the best presidents you have ever had. And he is what your country needs."

[1] I did attend a Mondale rally in college, but as a heckler. I believe I still have a sign I, um, acquired that says "Reagan for the rich, Fritz for The Masses!" Idiots. As it happened, the posted flyers said "Come meet Walter Mondale [date, time]". So my friend Paul decided he would stand directly in the path of Mondale's limousine as it pulled into the designated parking area, so as to be sure to meet Fritz. He played dimwitted and enthusiastic. This did not work, alas, despite the shit-eating moronic grin he had pasted on his face. As Mondale's limo was spotted at the end of the street, a pair of Secret Service guys (or so the beefy men in suits claimed to be) each seized Paul by one elbow, lifted him up and physically deposited him on the curb 20 feet away. "That's NOT what 'meet Mondale' means!"

Anonymous said...

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Kid said...

So, it's said. I dint stop watching the NFL and all the other pro sports events for that matter because of colon crapernick. I stopped watching because football became thugball with the players dancing and twerking in the endzone like a bunch of Kansas city faggots.

Plus it's all boring as hell. If the announcers would stop screaming about everything that happens on the field of play I think lots more people would figure that out.
Spoken in a soft voice. Like in Golf.

"Ok, a guy with the number 23 on his shirt has picked up the football and is running down the football field. Bunch of people with different colored shirts are chasing him. Not sure why. Guy with number 23 on his shirt has ran beyond the 0 line and is dancing around like a kansas city faggot. Folks, get another 12 dollar beer and 18 dollar hotdog while the getting is Good ! Only 3 more hours to go in this 1 hour football game."

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