Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Good Old Days

Living the high life: Breathtaking Manhattan views from the top of the world’s tallest residential building - 1,500ft Central Park Tower - where a 112th-floor penthouse will cost $63million

Yes, it's a beautiful sight of my old camping grounds, but it would sure be a lot better with the Twin Towers standing proud off shot.


I hate to harp on it, but September has affected me this way since 2001. I guess it always will.


Sandee said...

That makes two of us, my friend. Such unity we had for a bit. Now just look at those that hate America. So sad.

Have a fabulous day. ♥

LL said...

Never forget and never forgive. The reckoning for many who played a part is still pending...18 years later. Let me suggest, modestly, that I could have satisfied the balance of things in front of a pockmarked wall 17 years ago. That's just me. I'm sure that I could have found seven other like minded people.

Kid said...

I get angrier every year.

messymimi said...

It breaks my heart.

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