Thursday, November 07, 2019

Eric Ciaramella

FOX News ORDERS Hosts And Contributors NOT To Identify Anti-Trump CIA Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella

Fox News has been going down the rabbit hole for years and this really cements their drop into the alphabet news territory.

I'm not a "journalist" so it's safe for me to tell you this about Eric:

And the democrats think his testimony is enough to impeach a sitting President?

This is no way to run a government.


LL said...

At least you have confirmed that the whistleblower is a neutral party.

The transcript of the telephone call is a nothing, and the scramble to discredit the allegations of impropriety by VP Biden and family are a clear indication of the level of concern that the Donkey's only viable candidate is 'vulnerable'.

The problem with old Slow Joe Biden is that everyone (including Obama and his wife) feel that he's not ready for prime time. The Dems are looking for a replacement, but seem to be struggling.

cube said...

LL: I agree that Biden is a piss poor candidate, but how can you call Eric a neutral party? He's hip deep in the democrat party & definitely planted for political prestidigitation.

Sandee said...

This is no surprise at all. As soon as he was put behind closed doors I knew it was a left wing plant. Always what they do.

Here's my prediction. Hillery will wait till the last minute and throw her hat in. I'm sure of it. There is only one decent dem in the running at this point and Hillary has already said she was a Russian puppet.

Have a fabulous day. ♥

cube said...

Sandee: I think Hillary might want to d nothing better but jump in, but she's way too sick to run. I'm thinking they might be thinking Moochie with Valerie running as the brain, just like she did with Barry.

Kid said...

I'll bet anything clinton waits til the last possible moment (to save a ton of money and effort), then comes out and says the party begged her to run since all the candidates are defective in more ways than one.

To your post, well there is no shortage of criminal level mental cases on the left. They really need to secede some states and make a go of it themselves. It could be going that way already. States like CA, IL, NY are puking residents who are moving to states that appear to still be sane to some extent. Once that process is complete, Go ! Then they can make AOC their queen.

cube said...

Kid: Maybe Hillary and Moochelle could run together. Wouldn't that be something.

messymimi said...

It is certainly going to be interesting to watch how it all plays out.

cube said...

Messymimi: I'm not into interesting any more. I want peace and quiet now.