Tuesday, May 05, 2020


Mayhaps, they should've thought out their thoughts a little bit better.


LL said...

I have a problem with an allegation being raised 27 years after the fact, whether it's Biden or Kavanaugh. But the vicious reaction to Kavanaugh and the rigorous investigation into the facts is simply not present with Creepy Joe. I mean, Joe hasn't met a woman that he didn't sniff and grope. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of pictures of him doing that.

Sure, Joe can't recall. He's senile and may not be able to tell you what he had for lunch yesterday.

Sandee said...

You get a pass if you're a dem for the most part. I'm sick of the double standard.

Have a fabulous day. ♥

Kid said...

Yep, they know their supporters don't care. They probably give extra points to assaulters actually.

They'd re-elect 3 time (minimum) rapist clinton if they could.

messymimi said...

The whole circus is so sad to watch.