Sunday, August 02, 2009


Lottery Winner Loses His $500,000 Ticket

Could you ever get over doing something like this?

I don't think I could.


Jan said...

That is exactly why I never buy lottery tickets.

Chuck said...

It would be tough. Something like this would change your life (financially), you could never help but wonder what could have been.

Ananda girl said...

The very firs California drawing I got 5 of the numbers. I thought you had to have all of the numbers and threw it away!

Go ahead and laugh. I'm still laughing... and crying.

What is meant to be is... what is not goes away anyway.

Caz said...

Ouch. That's gotta hurt.

Don't even like the chances of anyone finding the ticket, could be washed down a drain by now.

Poor bugger.

cube said...

Jan: If you never buy one, you will never win.

Chuck: The poor guy is going to anguish over this loss for the rest of his life. The ticket should've been signed immediately and put into a large envelope that you couldn't lose if you tried.

cube said...

Ananda Girl: I don't know how the lottery works in CA, but here you have to have all the numbers to win the jackpot.

Having only one number doesn't get you anything. Depending on the game, and there are many, you can win a small prize with 2 or 3 numbers.

Caz: I'm curious about what happened to the ticket. It didn't pop out of his pocket by itself.
I don't think we're getting the full story.

Z said...

you don't need all the numbers here in CA? I'd be crying, too, Ananda girl. boy

Cube, that would REALLY hurt. That poor man.

The lottery was approved of here in CA to help the schools...I wonder how much of it's made it to the schools; you wouldn't know from hearing the darned union.

Caz said...

Cubicle - yes, instinctively there is an immediate whiff about it, such as not signing it immediately, not putting it safely in a wallet, for example - who the hell leaves a little piece of cardboard worth half a million dollars on it's lonesome in their back pocket for goodness sake?!!

However, the whiff is reduced as soon as you read that there were witnesses, that is, the people at the agents where he bought the card, and who directed him to go to the relevant office to claim his prize ... although, I think I would have signed it, gone home, contacted the office by phone and inquired about the claiming process, rather than wandering around unfamiliar streets and just turning up unannounced, but that's me, a bit too methodical, perhaps.

Perhaps, when all analysis is done, it really is a story of great good fortune, promptly followed by great mismanagement and bad fortune.

cube said...

Z: The lottery was set up here to help schools. I also wonder where all that money goes especially since education seems at the lowest point in our history.

Caz: I don't doubt that he had the winning ticket. My big question revolves around the fate of the ticket. Where did it go?

I agree with your methodical ways. After signing it, I would enlist a phalanx of trusted people to accompany me to the office to turn in the ticket. I wouldn't even trust the US mail.

Ananda girl said...

The lottery here was set up to help schools, but they rob it regularly for other things. Not much gets to the schools at all anymore. :(

Brooke said...

I think I'd want to hang myself! LOL!

crazy4coens said...

i love the flamingo - is that prominent in all things florida?

also - ca lottery money is supposed to go to education, too - but i sure don't know how or where it goes.

Jamie Dawn said...

I would weep for days and days.


cube said...

crazy4coens: Yes. The flamingo motif is prevalent in Florida.