Tuesday, September 01, 2009

2500th Post

I don't know what to say... After 2500 posts, I think I've said it all.



Anonymous said...



Steve Harkonnen said...

Since I've started and restarted many blogs, I've lost count.

What you should do is offer a free month's groceries to your millionth comment poster!

cube said...

Lee: Thank you.

Steve Harkonnen: lol. At the rate I'm going, I'll be able to use my portable transporter to beam in the groceries to my millionth poster. Wait that's silly. Maybe it would be more realistic to
send Rosie, my robot maid, to deliver them right to the millionth poster's house via flying car ;-)

EDGE said...

Dag 2500?!?!? Way to go!!!

WomanHonorThyself said...

WTG Cube!!!

Ananda girl said...

WOW!!!! Congratulations! I guess I have some back reading to do. hee hee

Anonymous said...

we've only just begun my friend.

Jan said...

Congratulations and I hope you go on to 5000. I'll be reading.

Chuck said...

Wow, I was happy that I was approaching 500

MCF said...

Whoa. My goal has always been 2,000 consecutive posts, and I'm about 209 posts away from it. Suddenly that doesn't seem so ambitious. Kudos on raising the bar, and congrats on reaching this milestone!

BeckEye said...

If I could afford it, I'd get Duff to make you an Obama cake.

DaBlade said...

Nice! Congrats cube, you may have said it all - just keep saying it. Your 2500 posts have not added to the national debt and only account for .000000001 ounces of weight added to the internet.

cube said...

EDGE & WomanHonorThyself: Thank you.

Ananda Girl: They're not all gems, but get busy anyway ;-)

INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW: That's my usual attitude, but I do suffer from blog exhaustion now and then. You know, occasional doubts...

Jan: Thank you and I'll be reading about our beloved dogs at your place.

Chuck: Keep plugging away. You'll hit 2500 before you know it.

Jamie Dawn said...

Congrats and Keep on posting!!!




cary said...

Good job! Keep going! Congratulations!

cube said...

MCF: Thank you for your kind words, but 2000 posts is plenty ambitious as a goal, especially since your average post is much longer than my average post. Kudos to your longevity in the blogosphere.

BeckEye: I would be petrified if Duff's amazing talents were wasted on BO. I see you're still trying to induce a myocardial infarction with your pithy comments. That shows you care. Keep it up :-)

DaBlade: Thanks. I will try to keep my blog fat free ;-)

Brenda Jean Hyde said...

Congrats, and thanks for making me feel like a loser with my less than 50 posts so far. BAHAHAHAHAHA Just kidding. You are a super blogger for reaching that milestone!

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