Thursday, September 10, 2009

You Lie!

Powerline has a good analysis of BO's speech...

Obama's Speech: Did It Help Him?

The speech reminds me of the movie "Sex, Lies, And Videotape", only without the sex and the videotape.


Jan said...

Am I a crappy citizen if i didn't watch?

cube said...

If so, I'm equally guilty because
I didn't watch it either. I did read the transcript, but I just couldn't force myself to listen to BO lie, which is one of the reasons why I disagreed with the importing of his speech into our schools and the poor captive audience.

Anonymous said...

While I disagree with the way Joe Wilson handled himself, but adamantly agree with his sentiment. I have to give him some kudos for actually feeling so strongly about the healthcare issue. He was certainly more passionate about his ideas on the issue than our dear President is. But, regardless of who that President is -- is not acceptable.
As for the speech, I did not watch it, because I knew in advance that I wouldn't believe anything that Obama would say. .

cube said...

An American Girl: Your comment has encapsulated exactly how I feel about BO's speech. I don't approve of Rep. Wilson's outburst, but I totally approve of his sentiment. Are we supposed to forget how they dissed Presiden Bush? Puh-leeze.

Chuck said...

I don't watch any of his speeches, they're lies. I wait around to see what really happens

nanc said...

i found it nearly impossible to follow ALL his contradictions within the same speech! pop had me rewind and play the "YOU LIE!" part over and over again...

Ananda girl said...

I did not see the speech. Our school did not show it. I was surprised. I expected to be watching it there and then, not a thing happened except for the first day of classes.

I wondered if that happened elsewhere too.

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