Sunday, April 26, 2015

Worry Sun

I've been torn about this for a while now..."> The Dangers Of Tanning

I want to sit out in the sun and read a trashy novel in the sun.

The rational part of my brain tells me to read said trashy novel inside.

Which side of my brain do you side with?


Sandee said...

I'm a boater. I'm going to get a tan no matter what I do. It's just the way of things. I'm already old so there you go.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Cruisin Paul said...

I try to be careful when I go outside golfing ( hat on ) or on the cruise ship but I worrying about it won't help either. You hope that you've done all the precautions when you go into the sun.
Have a sunny, warm but cautious day Cube. See ya.

Cruisin Paul

jan said...

I did the tanning thing for a few years, but it is everything I hate: I'm hot, sweaty, itchy and bored. I'll just resolve to stay blonde and fair.

Kid said...

Something is going to kill me, it may as well be something I love - the Sunshine.

cube said...

Sandee: Good summation :)

cube said...

Paul Pietrangelo: I hear you. Worrying doesn't help anything.

cube said...

Jan: Every winter I turn into neon-white woman and, as a brunette, I think the contrast looks a little crazy, so I've always sat in the sun and tanned.

Maybe this year I've grown not only older but wiser.

cube said...

Kid: I love the sun as well, so I'm going to get my vitamin D in short doses. That's a good compromise... in my mind.

You are so right about not getting out of this life alive so you might as well do what you love.

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