Thursday, August 27, 2015

Marcy Borders 1973 - 2015

One more passes...

Marcy Borders, Survivor Known As 'Dust Lady' In Iconic 9/11 Photo, Dies At 42

Never forget.


messymimi said...

So sad. The previous generations didn't forget Pearl Harbor, we won't forget this.

Sandee said...

I will never forget. I will never forget who did this either.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

cube said...

Messymimi: I know I'll never forget. As time goes by, I hear more and more stories of the individuals who lived through it and it brings back the horror and I was just watching on the news. Nothing like living through it like this poor woman did. It changed her life in a very bad way.

cube said...

Sandee: You and I both.

sue hanes said...

Cube - I've never seen that photo or heard of the 'dusty Lady' but R.I.P.

cube said...

Sue Hanes: It's from 9/11. She got out of one of the buildings before it came down.

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