Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dope Pope?

Is Obama's Guest List For Pope Dinner An Intentional Insult?

Would the press give Pope Francis so much coverage if he hadn't visited Castro, been pro-economic equality and climate change? I doubt it.

Love him or hate him, I am sick of all this media hype.

Enough already.


Sandee said...

The Catholic church isn't the Catholic church anymore. It's something entirely different and I think lots of Catholics are having some issues with this. As for our dingbat leader? He'll do whatever is necessary to advance his agenda. Whatever is necessary.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

DaBlade said...

I go to Mass every Sunday. Sometimes I go to a different Catholic church because of the service times. Except for changes in the music ministry, I haven't noticed any other, the current Pope's erroneous views on climate change notwithstanding.

Jan said...

I think the pope is trying to be relevant, whatever that means. He grew up under Juan and Evita Peron which might have shaped his naive political views. But yes, the media hype is too much.

cube said...

Sandee: I lapsed from the Catholic church a long time ago. I feel that the Pope is entirely too vocal about political events of which he clearly knows nothing about.

cube said...

DaBlade: His views on climate change bother me and so do his views on economic equality, i.e.,
socialism, and immigration and its causes. Way too political rhetoric and not particularly savvy either, especially for a Jesuit.

cube said...

Jan: Perhaps, but I'd feel better if he used his Jesuit training rather than his attempt at fitting in politically when his role is a religious one.

cube said...

This is what Rush said today:

"The pope says he's not a leftist, he's not a Marxist, fine. I'll leave that alone. But what we do know is this, that Obama is treating him as such and using him as such. And Obama is co-opting this visit by the pope -- I'll stop short of using the word 'hijacking.' He's co-opting the pope's visit in what I think is a pretty shameless attempt to advance his own political agenda by associating the pope with it." -Rush

messymimi said...

Not beiing Catholic any longer, i'm not sure i can say much. He certainly does give me pause.

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