Friday, November 13, 2015

Black Cat Blog Friday

For this Cat Blog Friday...

... a picture of our black cat, Felix, dressed up like Mother Teresa. He's trying to be inconspicuous because it's Friday the 13th.

Black cat lives matter too.


Happy Friday everybody.


stevebethere said...

LOL he looks very inconspicuous heheh!

Have an indisguisetastic weekend :-)

Jan said...

Adorable cat and costume.But he doesn't look happy

Kathe W. said...

silly you.....silly cat! Have a fabulous day!

Kid said...

He's a cool dude. Just like out Little Bear.

messymimi said...

Happy Friday, and i really do like black cats. We miss our Badlands Blackie.

Sandee said...

Awww, he's handsome.

Yes black cat lives matter.

Have a purrfect day. ☺

sue hanes said...

Cube - The Mother Teresa cat blog Friday is so sweet. It is so nice of her to cooperate with being dressed up like that.

cube said...

Stevebethere: We tried to tell him he was attracting attention, but he wouldn't listen ;)

cube said...

Jan: Felix wasn't happy about it, but he resigned himself to the indignity.

cube said...

Kathe W.: Lol. Silly daughter. My youngest was having four wisdom teeth extracted and was under the influence of valium prior to the procedure. I went into her room to take her to the oral surgeon's office, and she was all loopy from the pill. She had dressed up Felix in a scarf and said, "Look mom, it's Mother Teresa." She was so messed up, I had to help her walk to the car.

cube said...

Kid: Aren't all black cats cool? Of course, Felix prefers to be called an African-American cat ;)

cube said...

Messimimi: Badlands Blackie. I love that name.

cube said...

Sandee: Felix, or Fee for short, is a good-looking cat. You can't tell he's 16, he's so spry. He's been called a fancy boy, though, because he gives very glamorous looks with his large yellow-green eyes. He's not beyond vamping for more food.

cube said...

Sue Hanes: Felix was just resigned to the dressing up. I think he knows he gets extra treats for putting up with the indignity of it all.

Kid said...

Cube, Lol. I love black cats. And black and white, and black and white and brown are my favs. They just seem to be either more intelligent or more social with us human critters. Our Little Bear is around us watching what we're doing 99% of the time he is awake. Such a fun guy.

cube said...

Kid: We love our Felix, but he is the most food-driven cat I've ever had. He doesn't give a fig about much else.

On the other hand, Missy Moo, the calico kitten, is very bright and curious about everything that goes on in the house. Everything. Unwrap a piece of candy and she suddenly appears out of nowhere, totally captivated by the crinkly wrapper sound. Missy Moo wants to see all.

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