Thursday, May 09, 2019

Archie, It Is

Archie Harrison: The Meaning Behind The Royal Baby's Name

I suspected these two chuckle-heads would come up with something weird, and they did, but I'm grateful that they didn't chose Mohammed, in honor of their moslem UK overlords.


Sandee said...

Haven't been following their baby news. I like Archie.

Have a fabulous day. ♥

LL said...

As you likely expect, I was crushed by the news that they did not pick Mohammed Windsor as the baby's name. Archie - yes, they are a couple of Chuckle-heads, and I feel sorry for the baby --- who as progressive commentators lamented, will 'never be black enough'.

cube said...

Sandee: Actually I think Archie is rather mild considering where my imagination was going. So good for them.

cube said...

LL: That's another family angle I had considered... oh, the mind boggles at the possibilities that I'm not going to go into in print.

messymimi said...

Archie has never been a favorite name, as it always makes me think of the full name, Archibald.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Archibald was good enough for Cary Grant.
Until it wasn't.

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Granny Annie said...

Maybe Harry's military mates called him "Archie" because of his red hair. Everyone in the military has a nickname.

cube said...

Messymimi: Back in the old, old days, my husband and I knew an old con man named Archie. We wrote poems about his connery (is that even a word?). Anyway, that's not the wee prince's fault. He's going to have a lot more to overcome, given his known lineage, than a name.

cube said...

Ed Bonderenka: Comon Bonderenka, would "Ju-dy, Ju-dy, Ju-dy" sounded as sexy coming from Archibald Leach? Be honest now...

cube said...

Granny Annie: You bring up a good point. I think the red hair is very telling in the name choice.

Jan said...

I will forever the image of comic book Archie when I read about the little prince.

cube said...

Jan: Me too. I wonder if he'll fall or Betty or Veronica?

Hey, BTW, do you need a Mumbai escort? Cause I seem to suddenly have all kinds of links for that 😉