Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Impending Doom

Carukia barnesi is a venomous jellyfish found near Australia. Stings can result in Irukandji syndrome, characterized by a feeling of “impeding doom.” Patients have been reported as being so sure they are going to die that they beg their doctors to kill them to get it over with.

I get that feeling from some people, mostly democrats 😉


LL said...

The Democrats are desperate to dilute the coming revelations that THEY (Obama and friends) spied on political rivals, making the Watergate scandal look like nothing. Their control over the mainstream media has been laudable, but the ratings are so small that the cartoon channel whips them. Fox News, on the other hand, trumpets the scandal and people watch that.

So it's a good time to sit back and watch.

The US Trade Tariffs against China are working and the Chinese are preparing for national hardship and privation (see my blog for analysis). Since the US doesn't send much to China, their retaliation agains us is anemic and they know that. The US is poised to win the trade war and the trillion dollar trade imbalance that has fueled Chinese expansion is coming to an end --- unless they can get Sleppy Joe Biden into the White House.

Sandee said...

What LL said. That's spot on.

Have a fabulous day. ♥

Kid said...

I've read about a very tiny jellyfish in the Australian waters that is very poisonous. Far as I'm concerned, if I never get chest high in the ocean again it'll be too soon. I'm not much of an ocean lover anyway.

Anytime I see a democrat politician, I see not just the ugliness on the surface, but literally the ugliness inside. Like looking into the depths of hell.

messymimi said...

What an awful effect to have. Like politics in general sometimes, and foolish politics all of the time.

Trekkie4Ever said...

What a terrifying side affect, but a beautiful creature nonetheless.