Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Crunchy Cons

From the Wall Street Journal comes an article by George Nash entitled The New Counterculture which introduces a new book describing political right-wingers who have countercultural sensibilities.

In his book, "Crunchy Cons" (crunchy for granola and cons for conservatives), Rod Dreher says, "he has little use for the morally relativist and libertine tendencies of modern liberalism" and "the Democrats act like the Party of Lust."

He dislikes industrial agriculture, shopping malls, television, McMansions and mass consumerism. Efficiency--the guiding principle of free markets--is an "idol," he says, that must be "smashed." Too often, he claims, Republicans act like "the Party of Greed."

Mr. Dreher raises some interesting points. I don't agree with all of them, some are quite severe, but he does show that both sides of the political spectrum can stand some improvement.


Jamie Dawn said...

Ultra liberals & ultra conservatives can be wacky.
There is such a thing as balance without being watered down & toothless.
I'd probably disagree with much of his book, but any valid points he makes, deserve to be respected.

cube said...

Absolutely. That said, I think he makes good points about the libertine nature of our culture and the mass consumerism.

Many people could slow down their lives a little and be all the better for it. Just shutting down the machines & reading a book. A little contemplation. That kind of stuff is what I most agree with.

Topwomen said...

You know, I think I can dig this new conservative counterculture idea. Nash seems to ponder many things that I too dislike, like those you quoted.

So I can have my Birkinstocks, granola and still be a conservative---sounds like I'm (we're) not alone.

This is all reflective of my desire to get the heck away this summer and unplug.

cube said...

I don't know about the viability of a whole network, but conservatism is alive and well. Look at the enourmous popularity of conservative talk radio.

I don't watch the prime time news shows either. I watch FOX.

Voracious Reader said...

If you like granola conservatives...you might like these blogs....http://littlebookroom.blogspot.com//

Happy blogging.

cube said...

Hey, V.R. nice to see you back!

Unknown said...

Seems like nobody is happy with anything these days.Sometimes I'd like to crunch everybody cause they seem to follow along with any script handed to them. Independant thinking is ???

Sar said...

I'll be honest, I'm out of my element here. But I do like the idea of dispelling radical left & right wingers in favor of a better balance as well as people not having to live up to the perceived sterotypes of their party's affiliation.

cube said...

jill: I don't know. I'm pretty happy. I post information and my point of view, but I expect everyone to weigh the facts for themselves & arrive at their own conclusion. Just as I do. Isn't that independent thinking?

cube said...

sar: extremes on both sides can be over the top. For example, this guy is against industrial agriculture. Hello? And against mass consumerism. Yay!

He also advocates homeschooling, which I have nothing against. I just couldn't pull it off myself.

It all boils down to each individual choosing what is best for their own lives by a process of critical thinking.

cube said...

wendy: I have a pair & they are very comfy.