Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Jacked Up

Kiefer Sutherland Popped For DUI

That's two in the last three years. How long before talk of rehab begins?


Caz said...

Or talk of getting the man a full time driver?

We've seen how rehab works, he may improve significantly without it.

Reckon he must be headed for a suspended license this time?

That should give Kiefer a bit of thinking time music to pull himself together and be more responsible.

cube said...

I know...with all the money these celebrities make, you'd think they'd spring for a cab!

nanc said...

he's a party boy!

one of our friends has been a key grip in a couple of his movies and says he just doesn't know when to quit - our friend, however, quit drinking and carousing a few years ago.

Caz said...

A while back, when lots of female celebutards were being done for drink driving I did read that many of them do, in fact, have drivers. (Who knew?)

Only problem is that the drivers knock off work at 10.00 pm.


BIG mistake!

Brooke said...

Daggone it!

I'm gonna have a heck of a time enjoying my 24 between this, the 'global warming' crap, and Garofalo.

cube said...

caz: They can spend thousands on a purse, but they can't pay for a driver when barhoppoing? Idiots.

cube said...

brooke: I feel your pain ;-)