Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Millions of beer drinkers from around the world have descended on Munich for the world's biggest and most famous beer festival, the Oktoberfest.

The 174th Oktoberfest lasts until October 7th.

Happy Weeks.


Anonymous said...


Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...


Always On Watch said...

I love Oktoberfest, even if I am allergic to beer.

Brooke said...


AOW, have you tried sorghum beer?

birdwoman said...

I don't particularly like beer, but I love Oktoberfest.

It lures my boss to Germany for a week. Bossless for a week. Yee haw.


cube said...

dragonheart: Salud!

aow: Oh you poor thing.

brooke: sorghum beer?

bw: I didn't know you were still working for Mr. Spacely. I thought you had gone back to school.

birdwoman said...

I am doing both. It is really, really FUN!

(did the sarcasm come through?)


Jamie Dawn said...

Our town has Oktoberfest festivities planned for downtown. I will avoid them at all costs!!!
Drunk hicks are NOT a good thing to be around.

cube said...

bw: Loud and clear.

j.d.: Exactly. Stay home and drink ;-)

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